Penerapan Metode SDLC Waterfall Dalam Pembuatan Sistem Informasi Akademik

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Academic Information System is one of the information that is needed by educational institutions as one reference development and achievement of teaching and learning activities. Academic information systems can also spur teachers to be more transparent in delivering learning outcomes to students and also spur students in improving learning outcomes, so that has more meaning as a communication between teachers and students. This system will also spur all to know the development of boarding school because the existing information system at Alhabib Pondok Pesantren Sholeh Bin Alwi Alhaddad still manual academic system start data processing teacher data, student data, assessment and processing of academic information. With the existence of this academic information system it will facilitate the admin to provide academic information, facilitate the teacher in providing assessments of students didiknya more easily and transparently, facilitate students and parents learn mngetahui student development. And this website also facilitate all obtain information relating to boarding school and will further spur all in using the internet by accessing the academic website of Pesantren Al-habib sholeh Bin Alwi Al-haddad.



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